Unique Kitten Facts

Looking for kitten facts? Well, look no more. Here are some quirky feline facts.

  1. Kittens hate dirty litter boxes and will often refuse to use a filthy box.

  2. Most kittens develop 26 deciduous (baby) teeth: 6 incisors, 2 canine, and 5 premolars.

  3. A newborn kitten’s heartbeats about 200-300 beats per minute.

  4. White kittens with blue eyes are prone to congenital blindness.

  5. Kittens are born with three blood types: AB, A, and B.

  6. Maternal deficiencies in copper and taurine can cause low birth weight in kittens.

    Amber Cute Kitten
    Photo by Sirtrentalot @ flickr.com

  7. Nasal congestion can cause kittens to refuse to eat.

  8. Almost all kittens are born with blue eyes except Korats.

  9. Kitten eyes are reflective at night due to the cell layer called the tapetum lucidum.

  10. Kittens purr when they’re happy, sad, hurt…

  11. The Jacobson’s Organ located in a kittens’ nose helps them detect pheromones.

  12. Kitten fleas can’t survive in altitudes greater than 5,000 ft.

  13. Kittens can only have sweat glands in the pads of their feet.

  14. The number of bones in a kitten’s body depends upon its breed.

  15. Kittens should never be given Tylenol.

  16. Newborn kittens take about 15-30 breaths per minute.

  17. Kittens can become severely anemic by eating onions or garlic.

  18. Ingesting small amounts of poinsettia plant is not poisonous to kittens.

  19. Kittens think in 3D: they love to climb high points.

  20. Yeast dough can ferment and turn to alcohol (ethanol) in a kitten’s stomach.

  21. Calivirus & Herpesvirus cause more than 90% of upper respiratory infections (URI) in kittens.

  22. Kittens fed solely pop-top canned food have an increased risk of developing hyperthyroidism.

  23. It is probable that kittens cannot detect sweet-tasting substances.

  24. About 1/3 of Maine Coon kittens carry the gene for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

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  25. Domestic kittens have 38 chromosomes.

  26. Male kittens can produce sperm as early as 6 months of age.

  27. Female kittens can go into their first heat as early as 5 or 6 months of age.

  28. One feline year of life is equal to 15 or 16 human years.

  29. Yes, kittens do dream while asleep!

  30. Classical music is very soothing to kittens.

  31. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in kittens.

  32. Type A blood is present in greater than 90% of kittens.

  33. Kittens lack the salivary enzyme (amylase) required to breakdown carbohydrates.

  34. Kittens can tolerate baths after 3 months of age.

    Cute Kitten on Rug

  35. When kittens are exposure to increased amounts of sunlight, they shed more fur.

  36. The best time to adopt a kitten is around 12 weeks of age.

  37. Oral antifungal medications given to pregnant cats can cause severe birth defects in kittens.

  38. Without added warmth, a newborn kitten’s body temperature ranges from 95°F to 99°F (35°C to 37.2°C).

  39. Kittens have roughly 473 taste buds. Humans have 9,000.

  40. A kitten sleeps roughly 12 hours per day.

  41. A kitten’s range of hearing is from 45hz to 64,000hz. Human range of hearing is 20hz to 20,000hz.

  42. Cat gestation ranges from 60-68 days.

  43. At birth, a healthy newborn kitten weighs between 2 to 4 ounces.

  44. Kittens can be affected by cat and dog fleas.

  45. It is believed that kittens are farsighted. However, they have excellent peripheral vision.

  46. In the Northern Hemisphere, the feline mating season is from March through September. In the Southern Hemisphere, the season is from October through March.

  47. Depending upon the breed, there are typically 4 to 6 kittens in a single litter.


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